4 Aug 2014

It's time for Wikimania. See you in London!

What is Wikimania?

Wikimania is a 2000+ person conference, festival, meetup, workshop, hackathon, and celebration, spread over five days in August 2014, preceded and followed by fringe events. It's the official annual event of the Wikimedia movement, where you'll discover all kinds of projects that people are making with wikis and open content, as well as meet the community that produced the most famous wiki of all, Wikipedia!
The main event itself is held in and around The Barbican Centre in London, UK. All are welcome, whether you're an expert, enthusiast, beginner or just curious! — Read More.

26 Jun 2014

Technology Voices: How news sites make money, lessons for startups.

Technology Voices is an initiative by WiGhana. In these posts members talk about other issues in tech in Ghana. Opinions in such posts do not reflect that of WiGhana as an organisation.

Online journalism has been struggling for economic viability for sometime now. 

Traditional media (print and broadcast) mostly relied on advertising revenue. However for online journalism, ad income doesn't fetch as much. This is because non news websites and apps compete with news sites for the ads. Advertisers pay less rates online than what they would pay for traditional media. Lastly, news audiences also generally access content for free.

Nonetheless digital news is expensive to produce. Like all other media, there are upfront investment and recurring costs of production. Both include internet bills, gadgets, web and app development services. Additionally. there is the cost of newsgathering.  Software costs depends on many factors but a large scale and sophisticated news website like the New York Times reportedly spent about $25 million on their paywall.

So if you start a news website today, how are you going to make money?